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Only Mimi!

Only Mimi!

ISBN: 9781680251777

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  • She’s the only single in a family of multiples.
  • An introvert in an extroverted world.
  • And allergic to dairy in a world full of pizza.

Mimi has captured the hearts of thousands of readers worldwide with her hilarious weekly escapades in The Circle.

Now in book form, Only Mimi is an experience that will delight readers of all ages.

I’m Mimi.
Mimi Muenster, to be precise.
I’m tons of fun, totally unique, and completely bizarre in my own way.
And I’m just like you!
So if you want to read about the time I…

  • planned my own surprise birthday party
  • cleaned my dining room furniture with real lemons
  • therapized my best friend with a lit match and a fancy sign
  • wore the wrong color gown to my aunt’s wedding
...Then you might want to stop standing in the store and chuckling to yourself while reading the back of a book.


(Nothing personal. But… you know. People will wonder.)

Happy reading!

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