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Nati & Tzviki 3: Conquer the Crown

Nati & Tzviki 3: Conquer the Crown

ISBN: 9781600918117

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Everything was normal - until nothing was! Coronavirus strikes Yerushalayim, right as Nati's Uncle Menachem returns from Italy after catching it there. Soon, best friends Nati and Tzviki launch a mitzvos and maasim tovim campaign for the zechus of all the cholim

When Nati's aunt has to go into quarantine, he and Tzviki end up babysitting for his lively cousins. It's an impossible job, at least until an "astronaut" named Hummus comes to the rescue! The adventure continues as Tzviki stumbles across two dangerous criminals, and the boys soon find themselves in over their heads as they struggle to save the day.

Who's the mysterious Hummus? 

Why are those suspicious men sneaking in and out of Mr. Friedman's house? 

And what is Dassi doing with four hundred balloons?

Don't miss out on the fun and excitement in this latest installment of the adventures of Nati and Tzviki!
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