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Meant to Be

Meant to Be

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An Abrams Family Legacy

Enter the world of the indomitable Abrams family...and meet Yossi and Devoiry Rosenberg.

She's a dedicated mother, gourmet cooking enthusiast, and slightly compulsive shopper.

He's a well meaning husband, overly ambitious businessman, and die-hard penny pincher.

Devoiry's got a lot to juggle. Her tightfisted husband's obsession about saving money has begun to wreak havoc on the harmony in her home. Her sensitive daughter Malka's failures at school have eroded her sense of self-worth. Lonely Mr. Weiss needs a shidduch, son Mordy harbors a secret, and family friend Jessica struggles with doubts as she begins testing the waters of her heritage.

Devoiry tries desperately to control it all and make everything right. But when startling things start to happen, she comes to the realization that some things are just meant to be.

An engaging novel of family and faith, of money and meaning, by well-known writer Azriela Jaffe.

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