Magicube™ Math Building Set


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Math Building stimulates creativity by helping children to play with numbers. Stick the magnetic pieces of Maths Building on your Magicube blocks and start playing! Geomag has re-invented the building game with cubes making it incredibly fun and above all magical! In fact, the cubes are able to stick together on any side. So they can even be suspended! In this way the constructions become surprising but also easy to make just for everyone, even for very young children. All sets are compatible with each other. The Magicubes are entirely produced using safe materials, to allow children to play freely, and mothers to enjoy the first moments of fun and learning for children with serenity.

  • The set contains 10 cubes + 45 clips
  • The cubes stick to each other on any side
  • Magicube develops creativity and motor skills
Censor Level:
Format: 55 pieces
Guided Reading Level:
ISBN-13: GMW082
Sub Genre:

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