Lux Blox STEAM Accelerator Deluxe Classroom Set, 1,400 Pieces


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The Deluxe Classroom Set has a large assortment of parts designed for a classroom of up to 25 students to explore STEAM concepts across the curriculum.

This STEAM set will give your students what they need to have in-class team design challenges; explore machines and mathematical concepts; build biological and chemical structures; test engineering and physics theories; and create projects in cocmputer science, art, architecture, and design. This set is well-suited for maker spaces, after school programs, scouting groups, and team-building exercises.

Bright Palette includes:

  • 800 Lux Squares - 100 each of the colors: Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal Blue, and Yellow

Each set includes:

  • 300 Lux Trigons - 100 each of Black, Olive, and White
  • 40 Large Lux Multi-Wheels (also function as gears and pulleys)
  • 40 Small Lux Multi-Wheels (also function as gears and pulleys)
  • 40 Large Lux Axles
  • 40 Medium Lux Axles
  • 40 Small Lux Axles
  • 40 Giant 7" Rubber Bands

Set includes a laminated Starter Guide, Teacher Primer, and comes in a durable plastic storage unit. Lux Blox are proudly made in the USA

Censor Level:
Format: Bright Colors
Guided Reading Level:
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