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Leveled Readers' Theater, Grade 2

Leveled Readers' Theater, Grade 2

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Provide students with meaningful reading practice that helps build fluency, oral expression, and speaking skills!

11 fun and easy scripts are the perfect way to get students to read the same selection over and over without getting bored. As students practice and learn their parts, they'll begin to read the text with greater fluency, confidence, and dramatic expression!

Leveled Readers' Theater, Grade 2 features 11 plays to engage your students in meaningful reading practice:

-What a Skunk Needs to Do, Level G
-Over in the Meadow, Level G
-The Otters and the Octopus, Level H
-The Goats in the Garden, Level H
-The King of Everything's Cat, Level I
-The Silly Wishes, Level I
-Messy Jessie, Level I
-The Best Way to Pull a Tooth, Level J
-Camp Hate-It, Level J
-Little Spider Spins a Web, Level K
-Animals of the Grasslands, Level K

This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

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