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Kli Yakar Shemos Volume 2

Kli Yakar Shemos Volume 2

ISBN: 9781568714226

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An English rendering of the magnificent Torah commentary by Rav Shlomo Efraim Luntshits, the Kli Yakar, on Shemos makes his timeless insights accesible to all.

This second volume is a continuation of Elihu Levine's much heralded and brilliant English rendering of Kli Yakar, with clear explanations and footnotes that make this brilliant classic Torah commentary accessible to today's generation. Includes Chumash, Rashi, and Kli Yakar in the original Hebrew. Volume II includes the parashiyos of Yisro, Mishpatim, Terumah, Tetzaveh, Ki Sissa, Vayakhel, Pikudei.
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