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In The Shadow Of The Kremlin

In The Shadow Of The Kremlin

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After years of Siberian agony and torment, a Jew comes back home to find that there is no longer a place for the children to study Torah. Without hesitation, he puts his life at risk again, and begins to teach.

This book - a best seller in Israel in its Hebrew version - tells the story of eight such Jews, each a dynamic chassid, who were not broken by danger, hunger, torture, and exile. All eight wrote new chapters of devotion to a Final Authority infinitely higher than the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

  • How does one retain his sanity in a prison camp where he is not permitted to sit or rest from 6 AM to midnight — and then is awakened from exhausted slumber in the middle of the night for a brutal interrogation?
  • How does one maintain his faith when the "Workers' Paradise"” becomes a hell for no other reason than that one insists on remaining an observant Jew?


  • How does one rear his children as Jews in the face of an atheistic, totalitarian state that is devoid of compassion and feeling?

These stirring and inspiring tales of courage and determination, complied and told by N.Z. Gottlieb, stagger the imagination. There is no more eloquent testimony to the eternity of Israel and the power of religious faith.

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