I Want a Friend!


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Kids need friends!

But friendships come with challenges - and children need a guiding hand to help them meet those challenges.

I Want a Friend! tunes into the lives of Shira, Dovid, and Tamar - three siblings who learn tried-and-true strategies to:

  • cope with rejection
  • create friendships
  • stand up for themselves
  • express what's bothering them
  • apologize and make up
  • process anger
  • identify unhealthy relationships.

Reading these stories to your children, while involving them by discussing their own similar situations, provides a perfect springboard for teaching your children essential, lifelong social skills.

Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Social Skils
Guided Reading Level:
Series: I want
ISBN-13: 9781680253177
ISBN-10: 1-68-025317-4
Sub Genre: Boys / Girls

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