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Guidelines to Brachos One-Volume Editon

Guidelines to Brachos One-Volume Editon

ISBN: 9781614653158

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Questions and Answers about the Laws of Brachos

We say one hundred of them each and every day. Do we know their laws well enough? Do we think about what we are saying? Blessings are a fundamental part of Jewish law and practice. Now, you, too, can finally understand the multitude of laws and customs that surround them, with this clear, concise halachic guide from the renowned Guidelines series. In Vol. 1, A Bread Meal, you'll find hundreds of the most common questions & answers on the laws of washing for bread, blessings on bread, and Grace after Meals, all with the sparkling clarity that has made Guidelines a household name in books on Jewish law.

Volume II goes beyond bread, continuing where the first volume left off with the blessings on all non-bread food items. Discover the answers to hundreds of questions about the blessings over food and gain insight into the laws and customs surrounding them. This concise, user-friendly guide continues the Guidelines tradition of providing handy guidebooks to Jewish law that lead to enthusiastic learning and understanding.

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