Greg & Steve - Kids in Motion CD


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With more than two million recordings sold to date, Greg & Steve hold the rank of the number-one children's music duo in the country. It's easy to see why – their singable lyrics and catchy melodies are set to a contemporary beat. Parents and teachers alike find Greg & Steve's tunes a fun way to teach children basic concepts such as colors and numbers as well as friendship and cooperation. Greg & Steve have received numerous accolades, including five Parents' Choice Awards and an Early childhood NEWS Award. Songs include: 1. Kids in Motion 2. The Body Rock 3. Animal Action-1 4. The Freeze 5. Count Bounce 6. The Balancing Act 7. Beanbag Boogie-1 8. My Shadow, Poetry in Motion 9. Body Talk 10. Animal Action-2 11. Shadow Dancing 12. Tummy Tango 13. Show Me What You Feel 14. Beanbag Boogie-2 15. What is Pink?, Poetry in Motion
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