From East to West


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From East to West is the story of our People, uprooted from our homes and forced to wander, strangers in strange lands, guests of unwilling hosts. It is the story of Jews who refused to succumb to despair and clung on to their faith despite trial and tribulation. It is a glimpse into a world that was and yet the story of us all...Open a window into the lives of Yichye and Saada, Yemenite Jews from a hundred years ago, and travel with them from Sana'a in Yemen, across deserts and seas, all the way to Switzerland...
Meet their daughter, Esther, who finds herself torn between her heritage and the enticements of the modern world...
Enter the world of Salach, who struggles to feed his family both materially and spiritually...

By: Sarah Zwiebel
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ISBN-13: 9781600912641
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