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Forgive Me

Forgive Me

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Eliyahu and Yosef Matlon, two brothers once close at heart, are separated by an unbridgeable gap of animosity and resentment.
Having committed an unforgivable crime in his youth, Eliyahu is convinced that the sin will never be atoned for. After forty years of estrangement, Yosef believes that he's finally managed to erase the past and forget his older brother, until Eliyahu reappears, begging him for forgiveness.

Julie, Eliyahu's bright, talented daughter, follows in her father's footsteps of disconnection and alienation until she unwittingly becomes the catalyst for her father's attempts at reconciliation with his brother.

Yosef has never recovered from the anguish of his youth yet, ironically, it is the memory of his dear parents, who were hurt by Eliyahu more than anyone, that inspires him to change and ultimately to forgive.

A touching mosaic of people and emotions, past and present, of feelings and needs, is revealed amidst struggles to overcome life's trials. Despite all the obstacles and challenges, the question remains: When is it time to forgive?
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