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Flight 079 [Hardcover]

Flight 079 [Hardcover]

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African Airlines flight 079 is a routine passenger flight that took off from the airport in Nairobi, Kenya on its way to Eretz Yisrael, with Rav Shaked and his two sons from Johanesburg on board. Astonishingly, the flight mysteriously disappears from the radar screens and never arrives at its destination...

A Group of experienced and highly dangerous terrorists takes control of the airplane and forces the pilots to fly to a prearranged location, where they meet up with additional terrorists and their cruel and fearless leader - "The Vulture".

There, in the heart of the jungle, a well appointed African village awaits the passangers and their kidnappers, in the center of the village is the mysterious laboratory of a sinister looking German scientist.

Who is Rav Shaked and what is he doing in Kenya?

Who are the Uyghur and why are they fighting with the Chinese goverment?

What is the CIA looking for on the flight? Will they be able to help the kidnapped passengers
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