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Every Minute Counts!

Every Minute Counts!

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Fascinating parables from leading maggidim about the greatness of learning Torah and devoting oneself to it. Over the generations, HaKadosh Baruch Hu granted a special gift of speech to certain tzaddikim and gedolei Torah. They were able to use their words in a wondrous way, to infuse Am Yisrael with spiritual strength. There were maggidim who lived several hundred years ago, and there are maggidim who have lived and spread Torah until today. You have surely heard about Rav Shalom Schwadron, ztâ¬l, Rav Shabsai Yudelevitz, zt"l, Rav Yaakov Galinsky, zt"l, and others like them. They were all maggidim. This book, the first in the Travels with the Maggidim series, brings two amazing parables that were told by different maggidim of the previous generations. One is based on a parable of the Maggid of Kelm, who lived many years ago and inspiredAm Yisrael with his wondrous speeches. The second has been passed down in the name of the Chafetz Chaim, and later on, maggidim filled in the background. These two parables will inspire you about the importance of learning the holy Torah the most precious thing in the world. They will encourage you to study diligently and to use every minute of your time to learn and do mitzvos. If we all merit to strengthen ourselves from the words of the maggidim, and to follow in their paths that itself

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