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A fascinating historical novel


Esperanza's father is all the family she has left in this world, but the evil tentacles of the Inquisition have snatched her away from him. The year is 1546 (5306), and twelve-year-old Esperanza finds herself suddenly lost in a world of pain and despair. But her vibrant spirit and steadfast faith propel her forward as she finds loving friends who join her in her quest to explore life and discover authentic Judaism.

Meanwhile, far away in Constantinople, Esperanza's father, Don Raphael, is tormented by grief over the uncertain fate of his only child. Follow Don Raphael through daring adventures and harrowing journeys as he travels to Aleppo and Italy, meeting many great people along the way. Trusting in Hashem, he forges a new life for himself, hoping against hope that he may one day be reunited with his beloved daughter Esperanza.

A compelling historical novel set in tumultuous times, Esperanza is the riveting tale of the struggles of a father and daughter to triumph over the extreme adversity that so many Jews faced in the shadow of the Inquisition.


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