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Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back

ISBN: 9781600919084

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When Peri Silver steps into a deserted parking garage one day and inadvertently becomes a witness to a crime scene — and the criminal's next target — her life and that of her family is upended from one moment to the next.

From typical frum Brooklyn family to fugitives in the Witness Protection Program, the Silvers are whisked away from everything familiar and forced to relocate and restart their lives, under a new, secret identity.

But how can a frum family simply disappear without a trace? As their former neighbors set out to find the Silvers, their new community tries to uncover their suspicious background, too. Will the Silvers succeed in overcoming their fears and maintaining the facade of their assumed identities, or will their past be discovered, 
exposing them all to terrible danger?  

BRACHA ROSMAN has captured the hearts and minds of readers worldwide with her fascinating,  true-to-life short stories and novels. Her understanding of human nature and ability to portray the struggles and triumphs of her characters in a realistic, relatable fashion, along with a seamless plot and authentic dialogue, have made Mrs. Rosman a popular, sought-after writer.
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