Disney/Pixar Colors and Shapes


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FUN, TO INFINITY & BEYOND: Your child's got friends in learning fun with Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, and Forky! Toy Story 4 friends make learning fun while kids develop essential early learning skills such as color and shape recognition, memorization tactics, matching and sorting, and fine-motor skills. 

INCLUDES: This set includes 54 flash cards that feature colorful illustrations to help kids stay engaged while practicing. A bonus parent resource card is included with ideas for learning games and activities.

SCREEN-FREE FUN: Entertaining and educational! Flash card games are a great way to spend time together while supporting your child's primary learning skills. Turn off the TV and tablet--adults can join in on the fun while helping kids develop their concentration and memory skills.

LEARNING ADVENTURES: Don't forget to pack the flash cards! These cards and their convenient case are perfect for little hands and make it easy for kids to bring learning adventures everywhere.

DISNEY MAGIC: Disney Learning products invite children on a magical learning adventure! Your child's favorite Disney and Pixar friends accompany them every step of the way as they practice essential skills for school success.
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Format: Paperback
Genre: Reference
Guided Reading Level:
ISBN-13: 9781483858814
Sub Genre: Workbook

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