Cubbies Vehicles Bucket Set


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  • TAKE ALONG BUCKET: This reusable bucket with handle and lid features a 15-piece assortment of 4" vehicles and boats. A complete set for the nursery or a childcare/preschool setting, you get a whole variety of vehicles to take for a ride wherever you go.
  • READY TO GO ANYWHERE: Suitable for indoor or outdoor play, pieces won’t fade or become brittle in any climate. Ready for the sandbox, playground, backyard, beach, or wherever your little one wants to play. Pack up your pals and take them on your adventure.
  • SOFT AND SILENT: With large, soft tires the Medium Tractor with Trailer rolls silently on any surface—perfect for home, preschool, or daycare. They don’t cause damage to your floor and they don’t cause headaches for anyone nearby, making them the perfect toys.
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