Cozy Rosy Learns To Be Herself Book & CD


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Rosy has a very hard time deciding what she really likes. She spends her days looking at everyone else, instead of just being herself.

In a captivating and entertaining package that includes both an audio book and a musical CD, Rosy meets up with a lovable Dove and a wise old Peacock. Through a series of funny rhymes and anecdotes, they join forces to teach her that "the best person to be is none other than me!"

Included in this book is the "Get to Know Yourself Game" - a fun and meaningful way for the whole family to get to know each other.

Also inside is a new song called "Know Yourself" - once you hear it you will forever be singing your own song!

Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level:
Series: Cozy Rosy
ISBN-13: 9780692963647
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