Colorful Growing Orbs Science Kit


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They Never Lose Their Amazing Color!

These multi-colored spheres are like jelly marbles!

I’m sure you’re thinking that after we brought you Jelly Marbles, Water Spikes, Water Cubes, and Water Jelly Crystals, we couldn’t possibly have another superabsorbent polymer up our sleeves… well, think again! Just when you thought polymers couldn’t get any cooler, let us introduce you to Colorful Growing Orbs! These multi-colored spheres are much like Jelly Marbles, but they never lose their amazing color! These little polymers are great for counting and classification… we even provide the Count and Classify worksheet. Compare to Orbeez as seen on TV and online.

For teachers, parents, grandparents & all-around science adults

We haven’t forgotten about the new STEM and STEAM initiatives you’ve been hearing about in our schools, bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Math together to make young scientists into real thinkers! Look what your young scientist integrated into the Colorful Growing Orbs activities.

How does it work?

These tiny orbs teach big lessons in color, light, and the importance that these thirsty pebbles can play in maintaining a healthy environment. Try drying them out to see how quickly evaporation can take over… and then use them again and again.

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