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Color Blind

Color Blind

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Who was the real criminal, who was almost completely concealed by the richness of color around him?

How was the innocent suspect cleared of suspicion and saved from losing his job and sitting in jail?

How did the sinking of a boat come to save an entire family at the very last minute? Did the survivor of the tragedy fall from the frying pan into the fire?

Why did Motty's grandfather insist on asking after the wellbeing of the street cleaner? Was it true, as those wanting to annoy Motty claimed, that he had also been a street cleaner in his youth?

And why did the most unfortunate guest at the azgari family's Seder table rush to switch clothing with the most respected guest?

Troubles that endanger physical or spiritual lives, a foreign , hostile environment in which someone unexpectedly gets caught, and challenging situations - you will find all these, plus more , in the book you hold. And suddenly, in a most surprising way, the picture changes entirely! Trouble turns out to be a source of salvation, a small deed leads to a large, unforeseen result and unpleasantness causes tremendous success!

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