Clifford: Clifford Visits the Zoo


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Join Clifford on an extra-special trip to the zoo.

Join Clifford and Emily Elizabeth on a fantastic afternoon at the zoo! As the friends explore the zoo, they learn opposites along the way. The koalas are sleepy; Clifford is energetic. The seals are wet; Clifford is dry. Butterflies are light; Clifford is heavy. A hippo is dirty; Clifford is clean. Young readers will delight in seeing all different kinds of animals and learning opposites in the process. There is even some light nonfiction at the back of the book about each animal Clifford encounters at the zoo. Includes a plush Clifford on the front cover!

Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: P
Series: Clifford
ISBN-13: 9780545668965
ISBN-10: 0-54-566896-4
Sub Genre: Animals / Picture Book

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