Class-ified Information, 3-in-1, #3


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What's really going on in class? It depends who you ask.

Twelve girls reveal their secrets in this exciting series. Each girl walks on stage to tell her story. Then she steps out of the spotlight to let her friend take the mike. Each girl's story is complete-but only part of the whole picture.

MINDY decides it's time to grow up and act mature. She ditches her doll collection and refuses to join her fun-loving BFF, Suri and Rena, in their pranks. Will their friendship survive Mindy's quest for maturity?

For redheaded GOLDIE, class photographer, eighth grade couldn't be worse. Her one and only friend Aliza insists they include the new girl in class, Tziporah, in everything they do.

FAIGY doesn't just talk about being good, she is good. She even refuses to speak lines in a play that aren't up to her standards. It's no surprise that the Word Watch chapter she starts becomes a huge success. All her classmates admire her"¦one of them, too much. How should she handle it?

CLASS-ified Information is about a single eighth grade class of 12 girls. Each book features one girl's first-person account of her year. READ THE BOOKS IN ANY ORDER YOU WANT to find out what's really going on in class. Great for learning how to judge people favorably.

12 girls = 12 great stories in this AMAZING series by M.C. Millman-now presented as 3-books-in-1.

Censor Level:
Format: Hardcover
Guided Reading Level:
ISBN-13: 9780986325335
ISBN-10: 0-87-306830-0
Sub Genre: Girls

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