Butterfly Pavilion®


Expect some shipping delays due to COVID-19

When redeeming your voucher, it is important to monitor weather conditions in your area. Daytime temperatures should be over 55 degrees Fahrenheit to safely release your butterflies.

Watch in awe as baby caterpillars transform first to chrysalides and then to Painted Lady Butterflies. A truly one-of-a-kind opportunity, this gives students, families, and children alike a glimpse into the amazing power of nature.

The Butterfly Pavilion with Voucher Includes:

  • 2-foot tall mesh, pop-up habitat perfect for butterfly viewing
  • Feeding Pipette
  • Complete Caterpillars to Butterflies Instruction Guide
  • Voucher to redeem online at InsectLore.com for two cups of 10 live caterpillars (5 caterpillars in each cup). Please note that an additional $9.95 shipping fee is required when you redeem your certificate voucher.

2 cups will arrive at your door, each containing 5 caterpillars and just the right amount of nutritious food.

The Butterfly Pavilion is a convenient, pop-up habitat. Its super sheer mesh makes it very easy to view your butterflies.

6 of the 10 caterpillars are guaranteed to develop into perfect specimens. The entire transformation takes about 3 weeks.

Please note: This kit does NOT contain live insects.

Shipping: Live caterpillars are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship live caterpillars to Hawaii.

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