Butterfly Garden® Homeschool Edition


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Over a course of 3 weeks, observe and learn as five tiny caterpillars transform to chrysalides then emerge as butterflies. Feed and enjoy your butterflies for a few days, then let them go to pollinate our precious world. When you're ready to start, simply claim your live caterpillars online.

  • New! Enhanced butterfly raising kit provides weeks of real world STEM learning at home
  • Only kit that includes BOTH FREE caterpillars AND FREE shipping!
  • Ultra-Clear front facing viewing panel
  • Large Tuck-Away Learning Panel highlights the stages of metamorphosis, with early-learning biology facts
  • Flower shaped butterfly nectar feeder
  • Feeding dropper
  • Clear, comprehensive instruction guide
  • 12 page STEM Journal, filled with learning and fun
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ISBN-13: ILP1035
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