Build-a-Story Cards: Magical Castle


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Spark imaginations with 36 colorful cards, featuring artwork by favorite Barefoot illustrator Miriam Latimer! Kids will delight in piecing together creative stories about dragons, castles, magic potions and more. Includes instructions for more than 30 games designed to teach children basic storytelling and writing skills, with a focus on social-emotional learning.

  • Created by an Early Childhood Education Expert: Includes more than 30 games crafted by an education specialist to build social-emotional, literacy, sequencing and problem-solving skills in children ages 3 - 10.
  • Social-Emotional Learning: The 8 red character cards each show a person or animal experiencing an emotion for children to identify. Piecing together stories with the cards prompts children to imagine why a character might feel a certain way or how characters might develop friendships and resolve conflicts, preparing them to understand their own emotions and handle social situations with confidence.
  • Writers' Workshop: The robust instruction booklet includes directions for activities that help children understand basic story elements, as well as prompts for creative writing activities. The cards themselves are color-coded to indicate characters, objects and settings.
  • Handy Deck Format: A smaller version of the format of Barefoot Books' best-selling Mindful Kids and Yoga Pretzels decks, the Magical Castle Build-A-Story Cards' 36 sturdy, versatile cards are designed to withstand travel, frequent solo or group play, and home or classroom use.
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