Build-a-Story Cards: Community Helpers


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Highlight the importance of teamwork, responsibility and kindness with these 36 wordless storytelling cards, designed to support 30+ games. An array of 12 character, 12 setting and 12 object cards help build literacy, sequencing and problem-solving skills. For children aged 3 to 10.

  • 30 Games in One: Includes more than 30 games crafted by an education specialist to build literacy, sequencing and problem-solving skills in children ages 3 - 10.
  • Learn About Communities: The 12 character cards each show a person with a different profession that helps keep the city healthy and safe, encouraging children to "try on" a range of jobs. The 12 object and 12 setting cards depict common urban fixtures, like parks, stores and city buses. Piecing together stories with the cards prompts children to think about how various people, institutions and vehicles can work together to make communities better.
  • Writers' Workshop: The robust instruction booklet includes kid-tested directions for activities that help children understand basic story elements, as well as prompts for drawing and creative writing activities. The cards themselves are color-coded to indicate characters, objects and settings.
  • Handy Deck Format: Like the popular Barefoot Books Build-a-Story Cards: Magical Castle, the Build-a-Story Cards: Community Helpers deck's 36 sturdy, versatile cards are designed to withstand travel, frequent solo or group play, and home or classroom use.
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