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Breaking Free

Breaking Free

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A young adult in limbo.

A family in turmoil.

From the smoky depths of the pool hall and the harsh reality of street life, Avrumie Faber is finally home.
Sounds idyllic? Hardly.

Avrumie needs to break free of the chains that tie him to the past and rebuild his life from scratch - and he needs his family's help.

After years of tension and misunderstanding, can they work together to help him forge a new path?

From bestselling author Riva Pomerantz, this powerful story is the sequel to Breaking Point, one of the first books to address the tragic subject of "kids at risk." Contemporary, relevant, and painfully honest, Breaking Free explores how to delicately rebuild an entire family, portraying an array of true-to-life characters as they hurtle through very real challenges, and giving voice to emotions and thoughts of such force that the reader will instantly become part of t

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