Born to Read


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THE AWARD-WINNING COLLABORATORS of the New York Times #1 picture book bestseller Wild About Books are back with a new story that promotes books and reading. Told in Judy Sierra's inimitable read-aloud rhyme, the narrative chronicles the amazing successes of Sam- thanks to his early love of books. The story ranges from Sam's infancy, when his mother reads him a picture book (then another, then another, then another ... such a perfect, patient mother), to school age, when he cleverly uses some of his favorite books to rid his town of the rampaging baby giant, Grundaloon. "Here's my secret," Sam decreed. "Readers win and winners read." Marc Brown's playful pictures joyously complement this fun-to-read, upbeat story.

Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: M
ISBN-13: 9780375846878
ISBN-10: 0-37-584687-5
Sub Genre: Picture Book

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