Balancing Path


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Gaining confidence and a sense of achievement result from improved coordination, balance and correct movement. Designed with a 4-1/2" base for support, the Balancing Path components taper to a narrow 2" wide balancing platform on top to increase the challenge and fun. Assemble into straight and/or curved paths, form a full or half circle, or create a wavy path providing another dimension to balance and coordination. Includes enough pieces to make a square and a circle simultaneously!

Includes: 28 detachable pieces in 6 colors (12 straight, 12 curved and 4 connectors), which can be slotted together to form a variety of walking paths. Made of high density plastic with non-slip surface. Great for young children ages 3 years and up. Straight and curved path pieces measure 4-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 4".

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