Baby's First Words DVD, Expressing Needs, Bedtime & More


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This video promotes early speech and vocabulary, including getting your child to speak in complete sentences. Colorful animation, fun characters, and real objects keep young learners focused. Developed with speech-language pathologists, an on-screen mouth shows how to form sounds and encourages imitation and proper articulation. This program addresses concerns when a child does not talk as much as peers and also provides a tool to ease frustration from not being able to communicate. Includes greetings, expressing needs, bedtime activities, and more.

Approx. 33 minutes.


  • Good Morning!
  • What Do You Want to Drink?
  • Dance Party
  • Where Is It?
  • Getting Ready for Bed
  • Bonus: Looby Loo and Baby Narwhal Songs
Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Guided Reading Level:
ISBN-13: RL-334
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