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The stories in this book follow a fine tradition of using animal parables to convey moral messages. The authors have produced sensitive characters who act out various real-life situations that today's children encounter, characterized by the emotional, familial, and social problems facing our youth, sometimes prematurely. The language is child-friendly, and the stories are written with sensitivity to the child's developmental needs, including nuanced observation, generous humor, deep insights, and a focused message, for the enjoyment of children and parents alike.
Through 19 delightful stories, children will playfully explore important values and virtues such as courage, loyalty, self-control, inner strength, honesty, teamwork, thinking of others, and much more. Every story begins with an insightful introduction for parents and teachers to highlight that story's important lessons; so Animals Speak becomes an effective way to help children better understand, deal with, and give voice to their own emotions and dilemmas.

Full of heart, humor, and the most beloved animal characters imaginable, a visit to Animal Land offers a lot of fun and a lot to learn "“ all at the same time. This book is the product of a rare professional partnership between Dovi Weinroth, who wrote the stories, and popular children's book author Chaim Walder, who edited them, adapted them to his popular Kids Speak theme, and wrote the brief inspirational message for parents that appears before each story.

Censor Level:
Format: Hardcover
Guided Reading Level:
ISBN-13: 9781680252378
ISBN-10: 1-68-025237-2
Sub Genre: Boys / Girls

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