Alpha Catch™


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Alpha Catch is the fast-paced, physical way to practice letter names and sounds. Kids take turns tossing self-stick balls, catching them with the sticky catcher's mitts, and playing fun phonics games about the letters on each ball. It's a phonemic awareness home run!

Games include:
  • Letter Line Up - "What letter is that?"
  • Ace the Sound - "What sound does that letter make?"
  • Beginning Sounds Catch - "Say a word that begins with that sound!"
  • Ending Sounds Catch - "Say a word that ends with that sound!"
  • Middle Sounds Catch - "Say a word that has that sound in the middle!"
  • Word Catch - "Can you make a word with the letters you caught?"
  • Round Robin Play - "All questions above are asked as a group of kids tosses and catches the balls
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