ALL ABOUT AIR: Science Kit


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One-breath Inflation, Geometric Structures and Solar-Powered Balloons!

Amaze everyone by blowing up a Windbag with just 1 breath!

Air may be invisible but everyone is familiar with the power of moving air and its effects that can be easily seen and felt. Humans have used and controlled air for thousands of years and now you have what you need to work with some of its amazing secrets up close. You can use air to either inflate a balloon or make it impossible to inflate a balloon. It’s all in the science. You’ll discover how to use differences in air pressure to help you build an air-filled sculpture and lift a heavy object. The lifting power of hot air will be in your hands as you launch a solar bag skyward. You will be really amazed at what air can do when a little science is mixed in.

Create an unforgettable learning experience for both you and your child

This STEM Science Kit includes all the materials you need to conduct all 6 experiments, suggestions for take-it-further activities and challenges for 1-4 children per kit. You’ll also receive two activity guides! The young scientist guide has step-by-step instructions for each lab, along with questions, and more challenges. The adult helper gets a guide including all the science behind the labs.

What does it teach?

Differences in air pressure and density are on display in this kit and ways to reveal and use those those differences are presented in memorable ways. Math calculations confirm what appears to be obvious and may change the way you do some things going forward. Sometimes you have to “think outside the bag” and make air work for you instead of making it harder to do something.

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