Acrylic Gemstones.


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Multicolor acrylic gemstones come with an assortment of shiny and sparkling gems. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes ranging from 5/16” - 1/2”. Gemstones come in a reusable plastic container for your convenience.

Enjoy a premium mix of different sizes, shapes, and colors of sparkling acrylic gemstones. Adults and children find a multitude of uses for these acrylic gemstones. Decorate scrapbooks, picture frames, cell phones or make fun, unique jewelry. The possibilities are endless! Teachers love to stock up on these shiny jewels for their classroom. They are safe and easy to glue. Students are always finding innovative ways to use them. These acrylic gemstones are ideal for making creative gifts around the holidays. Give your friends and family a custom ornament or holiday card that is sure to stand out from the rest!

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Format: 3 oz.
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ISBN-13: HYG94302
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