A Plot in Baghdad


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A Dramatic, Emotional Story of Ahavas Yisroel And Mesirus Nefesh For Redeeming Captives
A thousand years ago, cruel pirates often attacked travelers and merchandise on the open seas.
Back in those days, Jews were persecuted in many countries and were at the mercy of tyrants, dictators and religious officials who hated Jews and Judaism.
Rav Nissim of Alexandria, Egypt and his orphaned daughter Dinah were captured by pirates. They were brought against their will to Baghdad (present day Iraq), where they faced serious obstacles.
Dinah was "adopted" by a radical Muslim who was a confidante of the Caliph. Her father Rav Nissim made superhuman efforts to free his daughter and return her to her family and nation.
At the critical moment, when the community was about to be expelled and the threat of death hovered over the heads of Rav Nissim and his daughter, everything turned around for the better with amazing hashgachah pratis.
This is a riveting story; a breathtaking suspenseful drama that incorporates remarkable ahavas Yisroel and mesirus nefesh for the mitzvah of redeeming captives.
For the very first time, this educational story has been adapted for children in an eye-catching comic book.
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