Dear Principals and School Administrators,

As coronavirus spreads around the world,  communities across the nation – and around the world – are embracing measures to reduce opportunities for transmission. These measures include suspending in-person classes and switching to online schooling. Remote learning is increasingly becoming a likelihood to replace in-school classrooms while efforts are made to contain the virus’s spread.

Menucha Classrooms has teamed up with experts in the field of online schooling to help meet your schools’ needs. Our program has the functionality and capacity to provide the best, most effortless means of communication possible.    

Menucha Classrooms empowers both the student and the teacher by allowing them to engage in easy-to-use software. As a teacher, you can share your screen, and record the video to watch later. Tools such as whiteboard and chat improve the daily learning experience and allow the student to truly engage in the classroom.

Joining Menucha Classrooms Online Learning Platform is the solution to your school’s unique needs in these unexpectedly difficult times. 

Do not hesitate to reach out; we are happy to provide more information.


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