Deluxe SafeRocker Glider Rocker with Vinyl Cushion, Standard Glide, Tan


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The perfect addition for an active, professional daycare or home nursery environment. This commercial-grade rocker has an extra-wide, vinyl cushion seat which provides spacious and comfortable seating for extended periods of rocking and feeding. The ultra-durable, vinyl material is easy-to-clean and can be removed if needed to replace. Rocker arm rests are ergonomically designed for maximum arm support while feeding and has deep pocket for storage of critical items. A solid steel gliding mechanism provides unprecedented durability making it the most authentic commercial glider that can withstand the demands of a childcare environment. Rocker base is completely enclosed which protects infants and children from exposure to the glider mechanism.

  • Durable commercial glider with steel gliding mechanism that provides durability
  • Full wooden skirt base protects children from mechanism
  • Extra-wide seat is comfortable and perfect for rocking and feeding
  • Durable gliding mechanisms and tip resistant base
  • Deep pockets for storage keep baby's necessities within reach
  • 3-year warranty
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